Friday, December 17, 2010

Undercover Boss - Johnny Rockets, 12122010

John Fuller, President and CEO of Johnny Rockets is the featured bigwig on this episode. I do not know why I still watch the show because it is the old storyline....boss goes undercover, then gets a sob story of workers that trained him, reveal to the trainers his true identity and voila! each one of the trainers get a reward. Rewards range from scholarships, promotion, vacation etc...etc...Probably I watch it because I learn some things about the companies! That's it! That is the force that pulls me to watch it! Wow!! It is a force? Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh well, that is the only word I can think of now! So, stop it! In other words, hush and keep quiet!

First of all, I did not know that there is a franchise by the name of Johnny Rockets! It is in 15 different countries, cruise ships, airports, casinos...300 locations in 32 states! Wow! That is a lot! How come I have not heard about it? Someone pointed to me that there is one in the mall, 45 minutes away from us! I learn something new every day!

Fuller's first task was with Ajay in NY's upper east side as a line cook. Did he do good with his burger? Of course not! After Ajay tasted it, it went straight to the garbage can since it was undercooked! Oh! Oh! One point for Ajay! Ajay is a rapper musician that got a lucky break when Fuller sent him to attend the American Music Awards Red Carpet style. He is now talking to record producers! He is one lucky guy! Fuller is also going to put on trial basis on their menu, Ajay's new concoction of cheese, fries and mushrooms!

At the Mohegan casino in Uncansville, Connecticut, Fuller's task was to serve customers. It is the busiest restaurant in the franchise and one of the few that serves breakfast. The servers also do a routine dance in the restaurant! You should see Fuller dancing skills whatsoever!!! Yuck!!!! And you think you do? Ha! Ha! Ha! When we went there a few years back,I did not see the Johnny Rockets. you know why? It was because all you saw was the casino! Ooopppssss!!! It was also a huge place! Back to my blog... Janice, the server was a fireball! Very enthusiastic! Fuller is sooo lucky to have her! If I have a business I would have hired her also! She did her own dance choreography because she did not like the company's dance routine! What did she get out of helping the boss? An all expense paid to Grand Canyon where her late father wanted to take the whole family! He is also paying her extra to choreograph new dances for the company and started a scholarship fund for her 4 kids!

Next stop was a sports bar with Claudia, the bartender. His cover was almost blown when the owner's in laws ran into him in the bar! This place is slow..Claudia had to pass out flyers outside to get customers!! What did Claudia get for her efforts? A year of her rent paid by the company, so she would stay!

Atlantic City was the last stop, with Tony, a food runner who served 3 years in prison for assaulting the guy who allegedly killed her daughter. Tony also lived underneath the boardwalk for 3 months before landing a job at Johnny Rockets! That is good that Johnny Rockets gave this guy a chance to change his life! That is really great! What did Tony get from Fuller? $5,000 to keep a roof over his head! He also donated $5,000 to a children's charity in the name of Tony's daughter! He also received an all expenses paid trip for him and his children to an amusement park of his choice! Good for Tony!

Well, like I said before, it is nice and dandy for the few that the CEO have come in contact with! But how about the other employees that probably work as hard as the few chosen ones! What did they get??? And how were the few chosen to interact with the big honcho? Do they have to interview all employees and get the juiciest story to tell?? Did the employees know who they were going to deal with?? What does the other employees think of all this? Have not heard any employees that were interviewed that was not a part of the segment! Comments, anyone?

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